Fabulize: I Want Some Of Your Brown Sugar…..

Sugar and Spice and everything nice, that’s what good girls are made of! Brown sugar is a key element (and natural element) to add moisture and exfoliate the skin without the need of having those harsh chemicals.. Fresh cosmetics, “Brown Sugar Polish”, smells like fresh cookies and lemons and it’s the only body exfoliator that you don’t need lotion or oil once you’ve finished your bath/shower. . Sugar Polish leaves your skin tasty and gives skin a natural shine.

Bobbi Brown’s Lip Scrub is good for dry, cracked lips. Use it for the winter to exfoliate dead skin, your lipstick and gloss will thank you. Sugar Cosmetics, “Tropical Sun” isn’t really marketed to women of color but it is an excellent highlight bronzer. If you don’t want to really wear makeup but you need a little color add that to your wishlist.

I have found my Fabulize item. I’ve found shampoo that uses brown sugar and it doesn’t break or harm your hair. It’s actuall a good product for natural and chemical treated hair. But of course it’s in Europe. It’s called Urtekram Brown Sugar Shampoo. I saw it listed for about 8 pounds (which is close to $11 dollars here in the states) You can have all my brown sugar.

Add a Penny Lane vest and feel yummy, but don’t forget to Fabulize your swag!




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