Social Media and the advantages new journalism students

Social media, as long as I can remember has always been apart of my life.  Before the glory days of MySpace, I was always interested with the World Wide Web. As time progressed, I learned basic HTML and web layout and design on my own, just for aesthetic appeal to my own personal pages. I never imagined that I could have a career doing this for a media or company and make a good living doing so. 
    Social media sites such as Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and LinkedIn have created communities where people can obtain virtually anything with just a little bit of research. Using these sites you can find a new job, win and participate in various contests, get up-to-date live news feeds and interact with their favorite celebrities and brands. Anyone with a smart phone can sign up to these sites and engage easily.

Another advantage of social media are the job opportunities; if you blog on your own time and create an audience, brands and companies will seek out these “popular bloggers” and provide them sponsorships and goods in exchange for their readership. This is a campaign that helps both them blogger and brand and it’s not uncommon for bloggers to have contracts with multiple companies.

Traditional journalism is also changing its views on social media. Some traditional news outlets that tried to fight the wave and importance of social media now require their journalists to be active in multiple social media sites. They also require prospects to understand content management systems for online editorial, which are meant for breaking news, which is a critical component to media.

  This puts journalism students like myself at a greater advantage. We are an internet-driven culture where we always need to feel connected. As a journalism student, I need to know what’s going on at all times. This class has helped me focus on sharpening my skills more professionally to apply for certain job positions.  I believe this is important for current and future journalism students become we are naturally tech savvy and inquisitive. We are pop culture obsessed and we are always searching for the new “social media” and outlets.


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